Codes & Ordinances

The Village of La Grange Park is currently using the following adopted codes:

Effective March 1, 2020 the Village of La Grange Park will be following newly adopted building and fire codes. Click here for more information.

  • 1998 International One and Two Family Dwelling Code
  • 1999 BOCA National Building Code
  • 1999 NFPA National Electric Code
  • 1998 International Mechanical Code
  • IDPH Illinois Plumbing Code - current version
  • 1996 BOCA National Property Maintenance Code
  • 1999 BOCA National Fire Prevention Code
  • 2000 NFPA Life Safety Code
  • 2002 NFPA National Fire Codes


In addition, there are a number of local amendments and ordinances pertaining to building regulations within the Village. One major amendment is the requirement for all new structures, including but not limited to single family homes, be protected with fire sprinklers. 

Village Ordinances

Municipal Code     Building Code     Zoning Code     Fire Prevention Code


Please direct any questions or clarifications to the Building Official, Patrick Boyle.