Vehicle Stickers

Due to COVID-19, Village vehicle sticker and dog tag due dates have been extended to October 31st.  Stickers with the July 31st, 2020 expiration date are valid until October 31st.  New stickers will be available September 1st.  if you are a new resident, purchase a new vehicle or require a 2020 sticker, please call Village Hall at 708-354-0225 or email

New Resident / New Vehicle Fees

A new resident or any resident who acquires a new vehicle has 60 days in which to obtain the required village vehicle license. Proof of residency date or vehicle purchase date is required. Prorated fees for new residents or new vehicles are listed. Delinquent penalties apply after 60 days.

Replacement Fees

The fee for replacement of a lost or damaged sticker is $5. The fee for a sticker for a replacement vehicle is $1. Vehicles without required license stickers are in violation of the Village Code and may be fined $50 per offense.