Emergency Medical Services


Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is responsible for all aspects or providing Emergency Medical Services to the Village. This includes maintaining properly trained paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), and properly equipped ambulances and other response vehicles. It also includes ensuring that the EMS program complies with all applicable rules and regulations of the Illinois Department of Public Health, our resource hospital, and other agencies.

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We provide emergency advanced life support service (paramedics) to anyone in need within the Village. Two full-time paramedics staff our Village ambulance regularly, and they are assisted by our paid-on-call Emergency Medical Technicians. Our emergency medical service personnel train continuously to maintain their certifications, and they operate under the direction of the Loyola Hospital Emergency Medical System.

Your Health Matters

Your health is obviously of utmost importance and we encourage you to do things to maintain good health, and in turn, reduce your chance of needing us. Maintain a healthy weight, eat foods that are good for your heart and the rest of your body, and exercise in accordance with your doctor’s recommendations.


Should you need us, you will receive a bill for ambulance service, but that should not discourage you from requesting the ambulance for true emergencies. In most circumstances, your insurance or other medical coverage will pay all or part of the cost.