Approved Tree List

Trees on this list are acceptable for Village parkway locations but require approval before planting. The Department of Public Works arborist highly suggests residents consider location constraints and the mature tree size before making a selection. Morton Arboretum’s website can provide a description and growth patterns of regional trees.

  1. Small - Medium Trees
  2. Medium - Large Trees
  3. Large Trees

Small (15 - 25 feet) to Medium Trees (25 - 40 feet)

Flowering Crabapple

  • Scientific Name: Malus sp.
  • Cultivars: Aristocrat, Chanticleer, Redspire

Shantung Maple

  • Scientific Name: Acer truncatum
  • Cultivars: Crimson Sunset, Norwegian Sunset, Pacific Sunset, Ruby Sunset

Hedge Maple

  • Scientific Name: Acer campestre
  • Cultivars: Metro Gold, Royal Ruby

Peking Lilac

  • Scientific Name: Syringa pekinensis
  • Cultivars: China Snow, Beijing Gold, Great Wall, Summer Charm

Japanese Lilac

  • Scientific Name: Syringa reticulata
  • Cultivars: Ivory Silk, Snowdance, Golden Eclipse, Ivory Pillar, Signature

Red Bud

  • Scientific Name: Cercis canadensis
  • Cultivars: Ace of Hearts, Appalachian Road, Forest Pansy, Joy’s Pride, Lavender Twist, White Bud

Amur Maackia

  • Scientific Name: Maackia amurensis
  • Cultivars: MaacNificent, Summertime