Liquor Licenses

Annual Liquor License

All businesses that sell or serve alcohol are required to obtain a liquor license from the Village and the State of Illinois. All liquor license holders are required to complete a background check, provide proof of dram shop/liquor liability insurance, and provide responsible server (BASSET) training certificates for all employees who sell or serve alcohol. For more information on the liquor licenses classifications or to apply for a liquor license, please contact the Administration Department. 

Please note that BYOB is not permitted at any business in the Village.

Temporary Liquor Licenses for Special Events

Special events hosted by civic, educational, fraternal, political, religious or other non-profit organizations may apply for a special event temporary liquor license. The special event liquor license is required if the special event will include the sale of alcohol (including private events where alcohol is sold), or if the special event is open to the general public and alcohol will be served or sold. Applicants are also required to obtain the necessary liquor license from the State of Illinois. Responsible server (BASSET) training certificates are required for all who will be serving at special events. The special event liquor license has a fee of $25. To apply for a temporary liquor license for a special event, please contact the Administration Department. 

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