Kensington Place Development (555 N. Kensington Avenue) 

**October 10, 2023 UPDATE** Site development work consisting of grading, construction of the detention pond and installation of site utilities was substantially completed in July.  The detention pond is fully functional at this time and has been connected to the Village storm sewer system.  Currently McNaughton Development has four new single-family homes under construction at varying phases of development (with eight total planned).  The first of these homes is located at the northwest corner of Kensington Avenue and Oak Avenue.  It is currently in the framing phase.  The next house under construction is directly to the south and has the foundation work completed and framing is scheduled to start shortly.  The other two homes under construction are located on the east side of the site along Catherine Avenue, and just had their footings and foundation walls completed. 

**May 19, 2023 UPDATE** The Village has obtained a limited amount of bricks from the demolition of the former American Nuclear Society/Oak Avenue Elementary School building and is making them available to community members who would like one. Starting Monday, May 22, residents may stop by the front desk at Village Hall, 447 N. Catherine Avenue, to pick up a brick. Limit one per household while supplies last. Regular business hours are Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

**April 12, 2023 UPDATE** The Village has issued the overall building demolition permit, and demolition should begin today or tomorrow. Last week the Village received confirmation that asbestos abatement of the interior is complete. There are various requirements of the Village code that must be adhered to during the demo process, including dust control. There is an actual water supply on-site for use to keep dust down, and the plan and process for demo should also help. Unfortunately due to the nature of demolition and design of the building, there will most likely be times that they cannot control all of the dust. The contractor, and the village though, will do what is possible to monitor the job site and process. Also, again based upon the design of the structure, along with the use of machinery, there will noise, but the contractor will also need to adhere to hours of construction as allowed by code. Residents should also be aware that the demolition contractor will most likely work one weekend, most likely this Saturday the 15th. This is allowed by code, and this is also being done to shorten the amount of time that main portions of the actual structure are left standing once demo begins. The demo, sorting, and removal of materials will most likely take up to three weeks. The property owner and demolition contractor will also at some point try to make a limited number of bricks available for those residents who want to keep a memento from the building. Additional information will be provided in the coming weeks as to where and how to obtain one, and as such, please do not go to the demolition site at this time.

**April 7, 2023 UPDATE** Asbestos remediation is complete and the abatement contractor’s equipment and materials are being removed. The tree company is also removing trees and bushes within the development fence. Additionally, three of the trees in the parkway will need to be removed, per the approved final engineering and landscape plans. Some demolition equipment is being moved on site. On Monday, the existing sanitary/storm sewer connection for the building will be disconnected, and their water service will be temporarily modified to allow for a hose connection for water being used for dust control during demolition. Actual demolition will most likely begin Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

**March 31 UPDATE** Interior demolition and asbestos abatement is scheduled to be completed by the middle of next week. At this point the actual building demolition is tentatively scheduled to begin the week of April 10th. There may be some minor utility work taking place in the Village right-of-way prior to actual demolition. Additional information about the demolition will be provided in the upcoming week.

 **March 24, 2023 UPDATE** Safety/Security fencing for the site is scheduled to be installed on Monday, March 27. Demolition and asbestos abatement will continue on the interior, with actual building demolition scheduled in the coming weeks.

**March 23, 2023 UPDATE** The Village will soon issue a permit for the interior demolition. For now, area residents can expect to see some contractor trucks onsite (in the parking lot). Asbestos-containing materials (ACM) are also being mitigated on the interior, in accordance with Cook County permit and IEPA regulations. All ACM material will be isolated and bagged on the interior before it is carried outside. At this time, a permit for the exterior demolition is under review, and safety/security fencing will be installed around the perimeter of the property in the near future.

**January 25, 2023 UPDATE** At the January 24, 2023 Village Board Meeting, the Village Board voted to approve a plat of subdivision for 555 N. Kensington Avenue.