No Mow May Program

The Village of La Grange Park supports the No Mow May 'Til Mother's Day Program. This program invites residents to avoid mowing their lawn – or a portion of their lawn – through the first week of May to help support the local ecology, the habitats of pollinators and area wildlife.  

Residents who would like to participate should display a yard sign (available here) to avoid action by Code Enforcement during the allotted timeframe. Regular lawn care code enforcement will resume one week after Mother’s Day. 

What else can I do to help pollinators? 
Want a more sustainable solution to No Mow May? How about planting native gardens as a lawn alternative? It’s a great long-term solution to enhancing our bee population, as well as other beloved pollinators. Maybe you can reduce the size of your lawn to accommodate a small native garden, filled with easy to maintain perennials that will thrive in our area and help our pollinators populate. 

Here are some other helpful tips:
 • Avoid using pesticides
 • Plant colorful native wildflowers 
 • Grow flowers in clusters 
 • Plant a wide variety of flowering plants that bloom during different times throughout the year
 • Plant trees, herbs, flowering fruits, and vegetables
 • Leave some areas, even small areas, undisturbed
 • Create a nesting shelter