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Posted on: April 3, 2019

Construction Updates As Available

Construction Zone

Updates will be made as they become available: 

Construction Updates - Week Ending April 18, 2019

La Grange Road 

April 18, 2019 Update:  IDOT’s contractor has poured the new curbs and sidewalks along the east side of La Grange Road and continues with restorations.  Work began on the West side with removal of sidewalks and curb.  The Illinois Department of Transportation plans to resurface La Grange Road from 31st Street to Joliet Road beginning April 1, 2019. The project scope will consist of milling and resurfacing the existing pavement, intermittent sidewalk, curb and gutter replacement, and drainage structure repairs as required. The contractor for the work is K-5 Contractors. Construction will occur throughout the summer with an anticipated completion date of September 2019, depending on weather. Residents should expect intermittent lane closures and road congestion. It is recommended that motorists seek alternative routes to avoid delays.

Brewster Avenue:

April 15, 2019 Update:  Superior Excavating (contractor for La Grange) completed the new connection at Ashland which will be their main water source for flushing and chlorinating of the new main.   They began flushing the water main and are hopeful to get pressure testing and chlorination done before weeks’ end.   Reminder, this work will not require any of La Grange Park’s water mains to be shut-down.   

The Village of La Grange is nearly complete with their work on installing a new 8” water main along Brewster between La Grange Road and Spring Avenue.  Next week, the contractor is planning on making a connection with the new main at one of the cross streets at which time they will flush, chlorinate and sample the new water main.   Once they complete, the Village of La Grange Park will be repaving Brewster Avenue. The repaving of Brewster is being completed as part of an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) with the Village of La Grange, as they will be reimbursing La Grange Park for the costs associated with their portion of the street. Since Brewster Avenue is the dividing line between the two Villages, each owns half of the roadway.  An IGA allows the entire roadway to enjoy the pricing of our Village’s 2019 Road Program to get economy of scale pricing. We appreciate resident patience during the construction.

Water Distribution Interconnect with La Grange 

April 18, 2019 Update:  The contractor completing the work for La Grange has installed the necessary piping to connect to La Grange Park’s portion.  Once the new water main is functional, both communities will work together to exercise this connection and prepare it for future emergency use.  

April 12, 2019 Update:  The Village of La Grange Park Department of Public Works installed the Village’s portion of the inter-connect earlier in the week.  Final connection to La Grange’s system will take place in a few weeks towards the end of their water main project.    

Our Village has entered into a second IGA to install an emergency water interconnect (at Brewster and La Grange Road) between the two water distribution systems that can provide water to either Village in the event of a catastrophic incident.  The La Grange Park Public Works Department will install our portion of this interconnect on Monday, April 8th.  This work will require that we install the necessary piping and fittings.  La Grange’s contractor then will connect to our newly installed piping to complete the interconnect.  

Sunnyside Sanitary Project

April 18, 2019 Update:  Contractor had a good week installing pipe along Edgewood.  They have 700 feet left to make it to 31st street.  Boring under 31st street continued this week as well, with 40 feet  being completed to date.

The path from Jackson to the Salt Creek Bike Path intersection is open for use, but users can only go South towards Bemis from this location.  

Our Department of Public Works reports the following update from the Village of Westchester regarding the Sunnyside Sanitary Project. Work began about 200 feet west of the creek bridge along the bike path. To date, four manholes and 900 feet of 30” pipe have been installed at an average depth of 20 feet. The work began west of the bike path bridge and turned north along the bike path/Edgewood. Spring melt, rains, and groundwater have caused difficult working conditions for the contractor, impacting progress. Due to the groundwater, equipment and materials along the bike path, the Forest Preserve and the contractor decided to close the bike path to the public for safety reasons. The bike path between 31st Street and Jackson will remain closed until the pipe has been installed. The contractor’s goal was to install 150 feet of pipe per day, but because of all the groundwater and unstable soils, they can install only 22 feet per day. The boring pit on Sunnyside has been completed and the boring subcontractor was mobilized to begin boring under 31st street this week. The boring will be completed by the middle of next week. The project is scheduled to be completed in July weather and existing conditions permitting.

Raymond Water Main Replacement

April 18, 2019 Update: Letters will be distributed to the residents along Raymond Ave on Friday or Monday morning informing them of the upcoming water main project.  I am also requesting feedback from the residents regarding the material type of their existing water service whether it is a copper or lead service line.  Public Works will work with individual residents if they have a lead service line and are interested in a replacement copper service.  More detailed information will be provided once bids are opened and we know what the contract price will be as this is a requirement in the bid package.

The Department of Public Works is busy in planning preparations for the replacement of four blocks of water infrastructure on Raymond Avenue from 31st Street to 26th Street, at an estimated cost of $1.5 Million.  We anticipate that the new main will be located under the parkway on the east side of the street and this work will occur this upcoming construction season.  This water main was identified as a high priority replacement in the Village’s Water and Sewer Infrastructure Report.  It has seen its share of water main breaks in the past and has outlived its useful life. The proposed water main will be increased to an 8” from its existing size of 6” which will improve water flow for fire protection.  Currently, the segment is undergoing the design phase of this project.  Requests for bids will be published in the next few weeks seeking a qualified contractor, and Public Works will bring forth a recommendation to the Board in May to award a contract.  Our goal is to have the selected contractor to start construction in mid-June.  More information to follow – stay tuned.

La Grange Road and 31st Water Main Replacement

April 12, 2019 Update:  On Tueday night, the Village Board approved a proposal from True North Consultants for core samples in the propsoed work zone to determine soil conditions and potential contaminations.  This work should begin the first or second week of May.  

The Department of Public Works is also in the early planning stages for a water main replacement project planned for La Grange Road - and potentially 31st Street (as funding allows).  Our Water and Sewer Infrastructure Study has also identified this area as a priority project. Preliminary work includes design engineering, core sampling and underground utility relocation.  The Village anticipates that the work on La Grange Road will begin next year (2020).  Not only has this water main surpassed its useful life, but both of the current water main locations are under the pavement in the roadways.  These roadways are under the jurisdiction of the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), which makes it difficult to make repairs and restorations.  Once the design phase is complete, the documents are sent over to IDOT for review, comments, and approval.  This process will take most of the summer into fall before IDOT finalizes the plans.    

Upcoming Sewer Work

April 12, 2019 Update: The Village Board approved a contract with Unique Plumbing to conduct the point repairs needed at 23 locations before paving begins.  Unique Plumbing will begin the repairs in early May.

The Department of Public Works is overseeing work by National Power Rodding to clean and televise portions of combination sewers under the roadways of this year's paving project.  Results are such that several locations require point repairs.  Repairs consist of digging down to the existing sewer and replacing the bad sections with new PVC piping, clamps and replace sewer laterals if needed.  Bids were solicited and opened on April 1st.  The low bidder will be presented to the Village Board at the April 9th Work Session There are twenty-three locations related to each street identified for the paving project.

Upcoming Road Work

Over the last three years, pricing for past paving has been significantly lower than previously expected.  As a result, the Village is able to continue the work into a fourth year.  The following roadways are identified for paving this upcoming construction season; 700-800 Blocks of Waiola, 700 Block of Spring, 600 Block of Ashland, Oak between La Grange Road and Barnsdale, Jackson between La Grange Road and Barnsdale, 300-500 Blocks of Beach and Brewster from La Grange Road to Spring.  The two alleys along 31st Street between Raymond and Alima Terrace are slated for a complete reconstruction as well.  Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.  

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