Does the Village offer free brush and leaf waste services?

Yes. During the summer months, the Public Works Department will collect branches and other brush on the first Monday of the first full week of the month, from May to October. For exact dates, please check your Spring Rose Clippings. Public Works will also collect leaves starting in October and will try to make at least two rounds of pickup. For exact dates, please check your Rose Clippings.

The Village contracts with LRS for the removal of refuse, recycling, e-waste and yard waste for all single-family, two-family and municipal property within the Village. The service dates are: 

  • Wednesday (All streets west of La Grange Road
  • Thursday (All streets east of of the IHB railroad tracks
  • Friday (All streets from La Grange Road east to the IHB railroad tracks.

If impacted by a holiday service is delayed one day.  For more information please visit our web page. 

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