Why does the Village utilize underbelly plows?

Underbelly plows have certain benefits over traditional front mounted plows. Underbelly plows have an ability to adjust the downward pressure of the blades. The benefit to this feature is that freezing rain and snow packed roads can be better scraped which results in less salt applied and clearer streets than a traditional front mounted plow. The Village has lightened the amount of pressure operators can apply to lessen impacts on the road surface.

Additional benefits include:

  • Increased visibility for the driver as snow is not thrown onto the windshield.
  • Better maneuverability for narrow streets and around parked cars.
  • Trucks are able to go down dead end streets, turn around and drivers are able to complete routes faster.
  • Underbelly blades break less and allow for all plows to be available throughout a snowfall.
  • Front mounted plows have a greater chance off running up curbs creating parkway damage.

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