Knox Box Rapid Entry System

Have the Lock Box come to your rescue! The Village of La Grange Park Fire Department uses the Knox company rapid entry lock box system within our Village. This allows for firefighter and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) rapid entry in the event of emergencies, in most cases eliminating damage to doors or locks. For residential customers the use is voluntary, and is sometimes a good choice for those who become incapacitated due to injury or illness. For many other occupancies, especially those with fire detection or suppression systems, the use is required by code.

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You can order a Knox Box online directly from the Knox company by following the link below, or you can obtain an Authorization Form from the Fire Department, and mail it in. 

Ordering Online - Knox Rapid Access System (

Email to Request an Authorization Form, or call us at 708-354-0225

If you are not sure about which type or size of box is best for your home or business, or have any questions about the program, please feel free to contact us at the email link or phone number above.