Bicycle Registration

For many years, bicycles have been easy targets for criminals to steal and sell. As with many other types of property, owners often fail to record specific identifiable information about their bikes, including years, makes, models, and serial numbers. When officers have no way to prove a bike is stolen, they are sometimes forced to allow criminals to keep them.

Registration Program

In an attempt to reduce the number of bicycle thefts throughout the Village, the La Grange Park Police Department utilizes a registration program that assigns a specific number to each bike and records specific identifiers about it. This detailed information will enable officers in identifying stolen bikes, arresting suspects who are in possession of them, and returning those bikes to their rightful owners.

Registration Stickers & Cards

When you come to the front desk to register your bike, you will be asked to provide the following information on a registration card:

  • Address
  • Color
  • Make of bicycle
  • Owner name
  • School attended (if the bike belongs to a student)
  • Serial number
  • Telephone number

You will then be given a sticker that lists your bike’s specific registration number. This sticker should be affixed to the underside of the sprocket or frame of the bike. Your registration card will be kept on file at the front desk until we are notified that you no longer own that bicycle. If you suspect you may have old cards on file that are no longer valid, please let us know and we will remove them. Please contact our front desk at 708-352-7711 if you have any questions.