Water Operations

The Village of La Grange Park is committed to providing a safe and reliable water supply for its residents. Implementing this service requires maintenance, testing and repairs of the water plant, mains and reservoirs. Meter reading and the up keep of meters, hydrants, b-boxes, valves and water main breaks are being monitored daily.

Pouring Water

Water Sources

Public Works is responsible for approximately 42 miles of water mains in our community in addition to the water plant, reservoirs, overhead tank and pump controls. The Village purchases its water from the Brookfield-North Riverside Water Commission who in return receives its water from the City of Chicago and Lake Michigan. Lake Michigan is one of the largest and cleanest sources of fresh surface water found in the world today.


View current water and sewer rates. If a resident is planning to move from their residence, they should phone the Village Hall at 708-354-0225 so we can take a final meter reading on the date of closing.

Contact Us

  • Report water main breaks to Public Works at 708-352-2922.
  • After hours, please notify the non-emergency number for the Police department at 708-352-2151.
  • For questions regarding water bills, please call the Village Hall at 708-354-0225.

Consumer Confidence Reports

View current and archived Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR).