When do I need to purchase my new vehicle sticker?

Due to COVID-19, Village vehicle sticker and dog tag due dates have been extended to October 31st. Stickers with the July 31st, 2020 expiration date are valid until October 31st. New stickers will be available September 1st.

Going forward Village vehicle stickers will expire October 31 of each year. New stickers must be purchased and affixed to the front windshield of any car registered to a La Grange Park address by October 31. Vehicle stickers for each year are sold without penalty beginning approximately the first full week in September through October 31 of each year. Vehicle stickers are sold at the Village Hall front counter during regular business hours. 

Newly purchased vehicles have a 60 day grace period in which to purchase and display the Village vehicle sticker. New residents have 60 days after moving in to buy a new vehicle sticker, regardless of whether they have a current sticker from another community. New residents or new vehicles, please call Village Hall at 708-354-0225 for further details.

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