How do I dispose of a TV or other hazardous materials?

Illinois passed a law in 2012 stating that electronics, such as TVs and laptops, can no longer be disposed of through refuse services. Residents are required to take their equipment to a recycling facility or event, to be properly disposed of. Burr Ridge has a new recycling site open to the public for drop off of e-waste. For more information and a list of acceptable items please visit their website.

The Village's new Refuse Hauler, LakeShore Recycling Services also offers curbside pick-up for "White Goods"  on the regularly scheduled pick-up date with the correct number of stickers affixed.  Please visit LakeShore's website for more information.

Residents are also encourage to visit Earth911 to find other facilities to dispose of unwanted material, such as paint, light bulbs, etc. Just type in your unwanted material and zip code, and Earth911 will provide you the name, telephone number, and address of the closest location that will accept it. We recommend that residents call the facility prior to taking any item over, to ensure acceptance.

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