Tree Planting Program

The Village tree planting program is foremost a replacement program for fatally diseased trees or trees severely damaged by storms or ice. This voluntary program allows a resident to replace a public parkway tree by ordering through the Village. The purchase, planting and mulching of the tree will be performed by Public Works or it’s contractor. The average cost of nursery materials, reviewed annually, will be paid by the resident to the Village through an application process including pre-payment. No permits need be issued for a resident to plant a tree on public rights of way with this program.

Tree Availability

The Village of La Grange Park utilizes a preferred nursery with approximately 10-15 different tree species options per year.  Recent tree diseases have precipitated mass removals of single tree species creating more locations in need of trees and making tree diversity a high priority.  These circumstances have generated vacancies, but replanting will be done as budgets permit each year.

Replacement Options

There are two options for replacing a tree:

  • The Village will replace trees in accordance with the tree maintenance plan at 100% cost for purchase and planting.   Department of Public Works selects the tree species and location, taking into consideration the current tree canopy of Village streets.  The wait for a Village planted tree could be up to 7 years depending on budget and the tree density of an area.
  • Residents are able to choose a tree from 5 to 7 options at the beginning of each planting season – Spring and Fall.  The resident purchases a tree paying the Village wholesale price, roughly $300-400 for a 2 to 3 inches in diameter tree.   Residents may select from our seasonal tree offerings – on a first come bases.  The Village will deliver, plant, mulch and add a water bag to the parkway tree, including a one-year warranty.  The spring planting information becomes accessible in April and the fall in September.  There will not be a specific tree selection list available until the time of each planting season.  

  • Parkway location and size limitations are taken into consideration when appropriate tree species are selected. The Village website offers a tree variety list with some possible parkway tree options.   View acceptable parkway tree list.


If you are interested in participating in the Village Wholesale Purchase Program, please email the Tree Planting Program. Determine the best tree suited for your location: