Board of Police Commissioners

Regular Meetings

  • As needed


  • Tim Albores
  • Mary Hayes
  • LaVelle Topps


The Board of Police Commissioners derives its power and authority from the Illinois Board of Fire and Police Commissioners Act (reference 65 ILCS 5/10-2.1). The Commission consists of three Commissioners, appointed by the Village President with the consent of the Village Board. The Commission has a Chairman who is the presiding officer at all meetings and a delegated Commission Secretary, which is responsible to be the custodian of all the forms, papers, books, records, and completed examinations by the Commission.


The Commission appoints all patrol officers from a final eligibility list which is posted in the descending order of individuals who have achieved numerical scores of a minimum of 70% on the entry or promotional examination. This eligibility list is effective for two years from the date of posting. The Commission is responsible for promoting officers based on merit, seniority in service and the results of a promotional exam. The final eligibility list of promotions, remains in effect for a maximum of three years following posting (reference 65 ILCS 5/10-2.1-15). The Commission also reviews all patrol officer suspensions and progressive discipline actions and conducts disciplinary hearings when the Chief of Police brings formal charges against a sworn member of the department.