Sidewalk Replacement


 The Village is now offering a cost savings program to our residents who may want sidewalks replaced adjacent to their homes that don’t meet the Village’s replacement program guidelines.  These include raised, sunken, spalled, or cracked sidewalk squares.  If you are interested, please send an email to the Public Works Superintendent, John Jandak at by Friday October 7, 2022, with the following information, and a staff member will make an appointment to discuss your sidewalk needs: 

  1. Contact Name
  2. Address
  3. Phone Number
  4. Location and approximate quantity (square’s).  

Pricing for sidewalk replacements:

  • Standard 5” Sidewalk Square = $275.00 ($11.00/ sq ft)
  • Driveway 7” Sidewalk Square = $293.75 ($11.75/ sq ft)

Residents can always report hazardous sidewalk conditions (greater than 1 ½” displacement, heavily spalled or cracked) to Public Works by phone (708) 352-2922, or on the Village’s website through the Report A Concern tab


Sidewalk repairs ensure pedestrian safety as well as reduce liability for the property owner and the Village. If your public sidewalk is in need of replacement contact Public Works using the online request form. A supervisor will check and determine the severity of the hazard. Temporary blacktop can be provided for tripping hazards until replacement can be made.


Sidewalk replacements are generally done in the mid to late fall of each year. Hazardous sidewalk conditions can be reported throughout the year while the resident participation program occurs once a year in September. 

Replacement Criteria

Sidewalk squares that meet the replacement criteria are marked with white paint. If driveway access will be restricted to conduct the repair, the Public Works Department will contact the Police Department for approval for overnight parking. The residents need not call to make the request.

Walks must be sunken or risen to a height difference of one inch or more between sections.

Measurement of Sidewalk Rise

At least 50%of the surface of the square must be deteriorated.

Deteriorated Sidewalk

Broken and separated into three or more pieces.

Cracks in Sidewalk

How Sidewalks Are Repaired

  1. A saw is used to cut the sidewalk square allowing for clean removal and preventing damage to adjacent sidewalk squares or driveway pavement.
  2. The sidewalk square is removed.
  3. Installation of wood or metal framing is used to help form the concrete when poured.
  4. Concrete is poured and patching of the asphalt driveway apron if necessary.
  5. Around the sidewalk square is backfilled with topsoil and seed.

Please note: all decorative landscaping, sprinkler systems and buried electronic fence equipment must be located and clearly marked by the homeowner. Protection of these items is the responsibility of the homeowner. The Village of La Grange Park will not be responsible for damage to unmarked systems.